Actress Asin insulted in public


asin-kamaalThe self claimed actor-producer-writer Kamaal Rashid Khan is back again. After taking digs at a few Bollywood biggies, KRK has now claimed on micro blogging site Twitter that he has met Asin and she already has a boyfriend. KRK also insulted Asin by calling her ‘buddhi’ in his tweet.
We all know Kamaal R Khan used to send kisses to Bollywood actress Asin every morning through his tweets – “Good night/Good morning and kiss to my love Asin”. The same KRK has insulted Asin on Twitter by calling her ‘buddhi’ and now Deepika Padukone is his new muse.
Kamaal R Khan tweeted, “Good morning and kiss to hot n sexy deepika padukone n kick to buddhi heroine Asin (sic).” Though we are not sure if at all Kamaal R Khan ever got to meet Asin, but we are very sure about one thing that he does not leave a single opportunity to insult Bollywood stars. Well, this blabbermouth definitely needs a reality check!

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