1 lakh jobs for youth in IT: Nara Lokesh


nara-lokesh-announced-1-lakAMARAVATI: Information technology, panchayat raj and rural development minister Nara Lokesh said that nearly 1 lakh jobs would be provided to youth in the coming financial year. He was inaugurating VITERO Tiles Factory, set up by Aparna Group at a cost of Rs 320 crore in Peddapuram on Saturday. He said that another 2 lakh jobs would be created in electronic and manufacturing sectors in the state by March, 2019.

He said that at present there are 8 per cent manufacturing units in the state which would increase to 32 per cent in the future. He said that the Green Channel was established for clearances for industrial establishments in the state. The MD of Aparna Enterprises S. Aswin Reddy said that the plant would produce 50 lakh sq mtr tiles every year, providing jobs to 7,850 people in the first phase and another 1,000 in the second phase in the future.

He added that the demand for higher quality of life is ever-rising and the company would provide world-class building material products to Indian Builders.

The Director of the company Ms S. Aparna Reddy said that the company established the highest number of square meter tiles produced in  a factory for the first time in South India and boasts of the largest gas-fired kiln (265 meters long) and has a capacity of producing 15,000 sq. mts per day (5.47 million sq. mts per annum). Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister Nimmakayala China Rajappa and others were present.