1000 Aspirants for TRS Tickets in 2019?


KCR600Things are not looking easy for the Ruling Telangana Rashtra Samiti especially during the tickets distribution in the coming elections. TRS is obviously the better-placed party in Telangana in 2019 elections and so the demand is high. There are rumors about a possible advancement of the elections as well.

The Chief Minister himself is commissioning a series of surveys to assess the ground reality. But then, the reports are worrying as the ticket aspirants are ridiculously high. As many as 1000 aspirants are in the fray for all the constituencies of the state. Sitting MLAs, Defected MLAs, Leaders who lost in 2014, Various Senior Leaders who joined from other parties, Party workers, Active participants in Telangana movement are among the aspirants.

With the delimitation not in the sight, accommodating even the defected MLAs becomes very difficult for KCR. There is a possibility that those who were rejected tickets will act against the party and will cause a major damage. So, KCR is a worried man.