1000 Cr Land Scam by My Home, I’ve Proof : Revanth Reddy


Telangana’s firebrand leader Revanth Reddy is back in action. After a brief hiatus, Revanth has fired a major salvo against KCR’s close aide and well-known realtor Jupally Rameswara Rao, of My Home Group. Alleging Jupally of involving in Rs 1000 Crore land scam, Revanth claimed that he has got all necessary “evidences” to prove the alleged ‘wrong doing’.

Revanth has alleged that a few ‘big people’ in the government were the masterminds behind the huge land scam unearthed in Kapra municipality. Describing My Home Rameswara Rao as KCR, KTR’s relative, Revanth didn’t even spare Rameswara Rao’s son and My Homes’ Director Vinod Rao into the scam.

Explaining the timeline of the ‘land scam’, Revanth alleged that Jupally “occupied” a prime land in Kapra municipality belonging to one Rahim Baksh who had left to Pakistan during the partition of the country. The land subsequently has been announced as an Evacuee Property by the then union government and it has been allotted to a person Easwari Bai who had migrated from Pakistan to India during the partition. However, according to Revanth, the land has been declared as an evacuee property after the death of Easwari Bai as she did not have any heirs. Revanth alleges that Rameswara Rao’s My Home Group has smartly “get” hold of the land and developed a real estate venture and started to sell the land.

Revanth alleges, “The Telangana state government is not intervened into the issue and is allowing the sales, although it is very much aware of the fact that the land belongs to government.” Revanth didn’t stop. He alleged that IT & PR minister KTR is “supporting” My Home Group in the issue. Revanth challenged KTR to order officials for an “inspection” of the land. He said that he will move the court very soon in the issue. “A case will be lodged on this land scam,” said Revanth.