90 Constiuencies whcih turned out to be the test of KCR


kcr-workimg-on-constiuencieHYDERABAD: Telangana state chief minister KCR does not need to specifically say what the strategies are. KCR is one of the most important strategies in the poll management. In fact, the Telangana movement was brought forward with elections. It is not just to keep the Telangana movement alive in the by-elections, but to defeat the electoral victory of the Telangana movement, he said that he has succeeded in making the concept of failure.

Even though the longstanding movement for Telangana state has been played, it has become known that the election was played by a voter who played a key role in the practice. If elections are coming up .. it’s just before Arnella’s work is done. And the clarity to the KCR is to say that any slogan should be brought to the election.

Universal elections are taking place over another year. The process of deciding the winning of the horses is already being prepared by the Chief KCR who has already prepared some calculations. Tickets are part of the pre-exercise to finalize the ticket distribution in three ways.

The first is to give tickets to the top of the procedure. These are the constituencies representing those leaders. These are the Chief Minister KCR and ministers ketiar .. Harish Rao along with the spears .. like kadiyam are like. The total number of such constituencies is 28. There are only 70 constituencies with strong candidates and 70 are in the constituency.

The Telangana state has 119 Assembly seats while TRS targets ninety-ninety five seats this time. KCR, who wants to clean sweep this time, says electoral strategy is doing well. There have been reports on the strength of the candidates who are already contesting through the vigilante constituencies, as it has also been reported by the second agency through private agencies. Over the past three years, surveys have been conducted ten times.

Finally, the results are expected to be prepared for the candidates. Last moment options  unsatisfied. In the last minute, the wager announced that they would like to make a few months before the selection of choices. And no matter how many ideas are, everything is going to be right.