Actor Shivaji Looking Towards Jana Sena?


Actor-ShivajiActor Shivaji who is harboring political ambitions after the state bifurcation joined BJP and campaigned for the party. He expected the party ticket in 2014 elections but could not get it. He even lobbied for a post in TTD which also did not happen.

Shivaji distanced himself from BJP as well as TDP and is trying to instigate people on the two parties. We are now told that Shivaji is looking at Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party. In one of his recent interviews, Shivaji went on to say Special Status is not a forgotten issue as the parties say.

“I do not believe in any of these parties. Ask Pawan Kalyan to come on roads for just one week and Special Status will automatically come. He is the only one who can bring Special Status to Andhra Pradesh,” Shivaji went on to say indicating things to come.