Akhila Priya questions Jagan in assembly


Bhuma Nagireddy’s daughter, Allagadda MLA Akhila Priya delivered a rather emotional speech in the assmebly. The young lady MLA said that she will stand in for the people of Nandyal and Allagadda and pledged to complete the promises and assurances of 10,000 houses for the poor that his father has given to people.

She said that her parents were like made for each other and that ever since her mother passed away her father’s health came down drastically. She said that his father breathed his last on the same bed her mother did and added that he would not hit bed without lighting a diya for her mother’s photo.

Akhila Priya said when a media reporter asked how is it feeling to have become an orphan losing both parents in a less span of time she replied that she has the love and support of fellow MLAs and party people that is not making her think like she is an orphan.

 The MLA however, said that she expected opposition would take time to speak about services of her father but said she’s terribly hurt to not seeing them in the assembly. She questioned the conscience of Jaganmohan Reddy for not speaking during condolence motion.

Akhila Priya may have forgotten Bhuma and she were the first defectors from YSRCP and that led to 22 MLAs defecting to TDP. So wont Jagan have that thing in mind?