Akhila Priya’s complaint about Silpa brothers!


Bhuma-Akhila-PriyaThe Nandyal by poll campaign war is hitting the peaks. The war of words between TDP and YCP leaders is reminding us of Mahabharatam.

Latest TDP leader and Minister Bhuma Akhila Priya alleged that it was only after reassurance of MLA ticket by the YCP Chief Jagan that Chakrapani Reddy resigned to his MLC post.

She ridiculed that if there was no confirmation from Jagan about MLA ticket Silpa Chakrapani Reddy would have been staying with the TDP itself. She said that people know her political steps and are aware how she has grown to this stature in AP politics.

Akhila Priya said that she got the seat after her mother’s death and recalled TDP did not field candidate when she contested in the by poll. So Akhila Priya defected YCP and joined TDP without any expectations or assurances? Should we believe you ma’am?