Allu Ramalingiah asks Chiranjeevi to resign


Chiranjeevi-to-resignPalakollu: Union minister Chiranjeevi’s father-in-law Allu Ramalingaiah has appealed to him to resign, heeding the demand of the people.

But how is it possible as he died long back?

The Samaikyandhra agitators are resorting to novel methods to take the movement forward.

In Palakollu they hung a flexi with the picture of Chiranjeevi, to the statue of Allu Ramalingaiah. In this flexi they wrote a  message from Allu Rama Lingaiah to Chiranjeevi. Allu told Chiranjeevi that if he got Padma Sri and Chiru got Padma Bhushan, it was because of the people. He advised Chiranjeevi to resign, heeding to the demand of the people. Allu Rama Lingaiah also said standing in the three road junction, he was unable to bear the obscenities (bootulu) the Saamaikyandhra agitators were showering at Chiranjeevi.

In Tirupati, agitators hung a big banner depicting all the Seemandhra central ministers as cats.