Amma Master plan turns a Disaster


KCR-sonia-jaganCongress party’s master plan of dividing Andhra state and at the same time winning more parliamentary seats in two states after bifurcation has gone bad with KCR giving empty had and he even went on further saying that he is willing to offer support to whoever is going to form the next government at center. That indirectly means that his party TRS is ready to offer a supporting hand to NDA which is shocking to congress party, if TRS and congress had to fight each other in Telangana state then it is obvious who is going to be the primary choice for the voters. being a master strategist KCR well played his game.

In seemandhra the situation is not any better, after the elections there is no guarantee that Jagan is going to stand by the congress party who supposedly helped him get the bail as part of the alleged deal. It is a fact that both TDP and YSRCP is willing to support NDA after the elections and  the original congress party is almost dead in seemandhra with almost all sitting MLS’s are jumping the sinking ship.

With KCR not willing to enter into a pre-poll alliance with congress, Congress party’s supposed master plan failed miserably and this probably is the end of congress party dominance in Andhra Pradesh with YSRCP and TDP are going to dominate the Seemandhra region while in Telangana Congress has to fight hard with TDP for the second place. We can’t rule out the emergence of BJP party in Telangana in coming years as the party is all set to form the next government in center as per all the surveys which is going to be another setback for the congress in near future.