Anam Shock To Chandrababu, Looking At YCP


Former minister Anam Ramanarayana Reddy joined TDP with a hope to reclaim their lost glory because Congress party was decimated in AP. Anam Brothers are synonymous with Nellore politics and Ramanarayana Reddy- late Vivekananda Reddy couldn’t adjust in the TDP. When they are planning to come out of TDP, Vivekananda Reddy suffered illness and breathed his last a two months ago. Ramanarayana Reddy postponed his decision for some time as he felt it was the right time to take a decision.

The latest reports indicate that Ramanarayana Reddy is getting ready to quit the party and he is holding discussions with the well-wishers and party workers. Anam is giving feelers that he is ready to join YCP and there are reports that he has already held discussions with YCP chief Jaganmohan Reddy in this regard. Jagan reportedly welcomed him into the party.

Anam Ramanarayana Reddy has played a crucial role in the Nellore politics for the last three decades.

* He won as MLA from Nellore assembly on TDP ticket in 1983. He became Sports Authority of AP chairman.

* He won as MLA from Rapur assembly seat on TDP ticket in 1985 after the Nadendla Bhaskar Rao episode brought elections. He became a minister for the first time in NTR cabinet.

* He lost elections in 1989. Congress party came to power in the elections

* Anam family joined in Congress party in 1991 after Nedurumalli Janardhan Reddy became the CM.

* Ramanarayana Reddy contested from Rapur, Vivekananda Reddy from Nellore in 1994 elections on Congress party ticket and both suffered defeat.

* Ramanarayana Reddy won in 1999, 2004, 2009 elections and played a key role in Congress party. He became finance minister in K. Rosaiah cabinet and he continued to be the finance minister in N. Kiran Kumar Reddy cabinet as well.

* Anam brothers didn’t contest in 2014 post-bifurcation. They joined in TDP in 2016. Anam was upset as they were not given priority though Chandrababu made some promises to them at the time of joining TDP. He is reportedly joining YCP soon.