AP state is Bifurcated; Process of bifurcation left


ap-state-bifurcationHyderabad: On the last day of submission of the opinion of the political parties to GoM, Congress Party showed different opinion on the issue of State bifurcation.

It looks strange that the Congress party that has started the State bifurcation plan and adamantly sticking to its implementation has failed in uniting the party leaders on its stand on bifurcation.  The Congress Party in the State is not having a common stand.  The party has submitted different opinions to GoM on the bifurcation in the all party opinion gathered with November 5 as the last day to submit.

But it is not strange if one sees at it intently.

It is the ingenuity of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti leaders particularly the party President K Chandrasekhara Rao to divide the people of the State first.  A division was successfully made in the employees’ unions, labor unions, political leaders, students, film industry, media, administration, police department, excise, real estate and many other sections in the society.  Even the priests from Brahmin community were not left by KCR in his plan of dividing.

That way the division is already over among the people of the State. A strong feeling of regionalism has been successfully induced. Hearts were already divided. Only division left now is in the formal division of administration and sharing of assets and revenues. The boundaries are to be specified again which is already clear.

That way Congress party is not the solitary sufferer of the division in the party.  TDP is also facing the same problem.  That is why the party is boycotting the GoM and not giving its opinion as it is not a unified opinion.  But Congress party cannot do it because of which it has to submit three different opinions from the congress party leaders from three regions.  It can be the plan of en mass resignations, inviting other party leaders into the party with honors or it can be making of long promises to the employees, or it can be calling the leaders of other parties as traitors of Telangana, but KCR achieved in bifurcating the people of the State which made the ruling Congress party to follow in a formal way at least to get the credit of it.