Assembly Rowdy Scene in CM’s Native Village


Assembly-Rowdy-SceneIn the Telugu feature film ‘Assembly Rowdy’, The Polling Booth episode stood as a major highlight. Villain Gang orders people in the constituency not to step out of their homes to cast their votes. That’s when an Old Man shows courage to defy the orders. This move eventually motivates rest of the people to fight collectively against the goons and cast their votes for the victory of Protagonist.

A similar scene repeated in CM Ramesh’s native village Potladurthy in Erraguntla Mandal of Kadapa district. The TDP MP issued an order asking people of the village to remain indoors when Jagan arrives, so that a message could be sent to the World that people aren’t backing the Praja Sankalpa Yatra.

However, Potladurthy People defied the warning issued by the TDP Camp the moment they came to know about Jagan entering the village. One after the other, They joined the padayatra and made it a grand success. People have reported to YCP Chief about the warning issued to them. This is the best example to say common man will revolt at some point if they were suppressed for too long.