Atchannaidu Vs Vishnu Kumar Raju


Atchannaidu-Vs-Vishnu-KumarBJP Floor Leader Vishnu Kumar Raju reacted seriously on the comment made by Minister Atchannaidu against him. ‘Atchannaidu says I keep changing my words all the time. Let him explain when did I do that! I am someone who stick to my statements. Leaders need to cross-check before making personal allegations on anyone. One should be very careful while criticizing a person’s character. Atchannaidu is behaving in an irresponsible manner. I would always be honesty and maintain certain principles. Better if he keeps that in mind!,’ he reacted.

All isn’t well between TDP and BJP Leaders off late. Somu Veerraju, Manikyala Rao, Vishnu Kumar Raju and Purandeswari haven’t been hesitating to criticize TDP Government. Even TDP Leaders were of the impression the alliance with BJP won’t last for long.

TDP Supremo may end ties with BJP alleging lack of proper cooperation from Centre. On the other hand, Possibility of BJP forming an alliance with YCP can’t be ruled out.