Babu Fumes Over Jagan Honouring NTR


AP CM Chandrababu Naidu continues to express his dissatisfaction over Jagan’s Promise to rename Krishna as NTR District during the internal meetings. He seems to be regretting for not being able to get such a good idea before the announcement has come from the Opposition Leader.

TDP Supremo is in a dilemma now. If CM declares his party itself would rechristen Krishna District as NTR, Then it’s like copying Jagan’s idea one more time. If TDP downplays the promise given by Jagan, Then it would face the blame that not much importance was given to it’s founder NTR.

Chandrababu Naidu breathed fire over the big promise made by Jagan at NTR’s native place Nimmakuru. He directed Ministers, MLAs and other party leaders to launch a counter attack on YSR Congress Party in this matter. He, however, didn’t inform them how it should be like.

TDP Netas have no clue how they need to handle this situation. Why because, Objecting NTR name for Krishna District would backfire.