Babu mohan to Join TRS party


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Medak: The Telugu Desam Party senior leader and former labour minister Babu Mohan is all set to join the TRS party, reportedly. According to the sources, as the TDP party has been abated in Andole constituency and the fine relationship Babu Mohan got with TRS supremo KCR collectively made him to take this decision. It is learnt that Harish Rao, on KCR’s instructions, telephoned Babu Mohan and invited him to join TRS party.

If everything goes as per sketch, shortly Babu Mohan will get down from the cycle to get into the car. Sources added that Babu Mohan has shared his feelings with his close allies on the very matter. Babu Mohan originally hailing from Khammam district made his debut political entry from Andole constituency. Though he was a nonlocal person, with his filmy glamour and KCR’s support he won the polls twice from the same constituency. He even worked as a labour minister in TDP government. Later, due to the ongoing Telangana issue he has been facing defeats for last two times in the hands of deputy Chief Minister Damodara Raja Narasimha. As a result, the TDP has been abated in the constituency. Almost all cadres of TDP joined the TRS party in the previous years. So, it is learnt that Babu Mohan is planning to join TRS as well.

No leader from TRS has prominently been elevated in this constituency. Grapevine had it that in order to encourage Babu Mohan who has good relationship with KCR only, nobody from this constituency was encouraged till now by TRS. Just to put a full stop to the ongoing criticizes, it is learnt that KCR has invited Babu Mohan. It is learnt that with the only idea of defeating the Deputy Chief Minister Rajanarasimha, Babu Mohan has been invited to join the party.

By now, Babu Mohan should have joined the TRS party. However, it is learnt that he is uneasy over probable merger of TRS in the Congress Party. He is reportedly deliberating pros and cons of every single issue, before joining the party.