Babu’s ‘Special’ Treatment Wasted!


Babu-SpecialAfter Chandrababu Naidu’s meeting with Prime Minister Modi in Delhi, NITI Aayog vice-chairman Rajiv Kumar’s visit to AP had gained a major significance. Chandrababu had personally brought him in his special flight and apparently told him all the problems, challenges AP is going through after unilateral bifurcation. Post that, Naidu had treated Rajiv with special breakfast and even allowed him to speak at the Collector’s conference.

But much to shock and dismay of Naidu, Rajiv’s comments on AP special status and other financial aid are huge let down. He stated to media that AP neither needs Special Status nor ‘handholding’ given its economic growth story. These remarks have pained Naidu. Earlier at Collectors conference too he had given ‘free’ advises to AP without any promise of support from the Centre.

Buzz is that Modi has strategically sent Rajiv Kumar to AP after his meet with Naidu and Modi was said to be at the behest of Rajiv’s comments on AP. Since Naidu has understood Centre’s game clearly, he has finally threatened to move Supreme Court for AP’s rightful share. Looks like, TDP-BJP sail going to get much tougher in days to come.