Balakrishna to be appointed as TDP’s working president?


balakrishna-and-chandrababuHyderabad: A major section of Balakrishna fans from four key districts, where their density is considerably high, is said to be upset over ongoing things in TDP. Few fans from Anantapur, Visakha, Krishna and West Godavari are miffed as their favourite matinee idol was not given suitable role in Telugu Desam Party. Many are demanding that Balayya should be given TDP’s working president role. Also few fans said they may not support TDP unless Balayya gets significant role in party. Meanwhile, reports surfaced that Balayya was behind these fans.

However, reacting on whole issue, NBK Helping Hands president Jagan made it clear, “Balakrishna is not a person who runs after posts. If he wanted to contest in elections, he would have done in 2004 or 2009 itself. Balayya himself said that party will go to 2014 elections under Babu’s leadership. Yet we strongly demand, he should be respected in the party. If he is given suitable post, he will render services with commitment, discipline.” Replying to a question on if Balayya contests elections, Jagan said, “He don’t even need to descend for campaigning. We (fans) will make him win with a massive majority.”

Meanwhile, we hear that TDP Supremo Chandra Babu is chalking out a plan to give significant role to Balakrishna . Balayya is likely to be given crucial role soon after he wraps up his present movie commitment Legend. Looks like, it’s a storm in Tea cup.