Balakrishna Behind Pawan Kalyan!?


balayya-and-pawanThe way web media and print media are making huge noise on entry of Pawan Kalyan into Politics is giving rise to high speculations. In fact, Power Star is always inclined to Politics with his school of thought being popularized as ‘Pawanism’ which speaks on welfare of people and society. That was the reason why Pawan even campaigned on behalf of Chiranjeevi and PRP attacking the top political parties of TDP and Congress in last elections.

Scene changed in a while with Chiranjeevi succumbing to pressure merging PRP in Congress. Now, we are hearing on Nandamuri balakrishna being the King Pawn in making Pawan close to TDP. None knows, what is happening behind the screen but cinema industry and political circles are shocked to hear on the close bond developing between Pawan and Balayya Babu sketched by Chandrababu Naidu.