BC status to Kaapu community?


BC-Status-to-kapuCongress Party is trying to play double games with Telugu speaking people. Firstly it has passed the T-Bill and announced a special package to Seemandhra region. Now it is moving its paw very strategically so as to draw the voters towards their party.

Just before the General Elections, Congress High Command has passed the T-Bill, hoping that it might gain some support in Telangana Region with or without the alliance of TRS. Now, Congress which is best known for ‘Divide and rule’ policy is planning to bank on the caste politics in the Seemandhra region.

Meanwhile, Congress is likely to bring in the ‘Kaapu’ caste into Backward Classes. Regions of East Godhavari, West Godhavari, Guntur, Krishna are predominantly has ‘Kaapu’ community. Over this issue, Kanna Lakshmi Narayana and Uttam Kumar Reddy has given a visit to Congress President Sonia Gandhi today. The BC status to the Kaapu community might work as a trump card in the General Elections.