Behind The Scene: Pawan Kalyan’s Conflicting Roles?


Pawan-Kalyan(1)Pawan Kalyan’s tweets on land acquisition have provoked a sharp response from the TDP. Every person including Pawan Kalyan has a right to express his views on the ongoing political developments in the State or for that matter on anything.

But Pawan Kalyan is also the founder of a political party and has even campaigned for the TDP-BJP combine in the recent elections. In all fairness to the people of AP, he should now decide between films and full-time politics.

Concentrating on both, he probably cannot do justice to the people. Look at the current scenario for instance.

He has tweeted requesting Naidu not to invoke the ‘Land Acquisition Act’. If Naidu does go ahead with it, will Pawan take up the fight on behalf of the farmers or will he give priority to completing a schedule of ‘Sardar’? Even working 24/7, the problems of the poor people cannot be solved.

So, Pawan’s conflicting roles is indeed inadvisable.or, is Pawan’s resistance to Land Acquisition just to assert his identity and do away with the tag of being a paid-agent of the TDP?