A better capital than Hyderabad will be built: Chandrababu


chandrababu TDPHyderabad: The Telugu Desam party President Chandrababu Naidu assured the Seemandhras that a better capital city will be built than Hyderabad.

A rally “Praja Garjana” was conducted at Vizianagaram by TDP at Vizianagarm on Wednesday night which was attended by a number of people and cheered for his promises.

He said that in his regime the state was brought international recognition whereas the Congress Government damaged the self respect of Telugu people at the feet of Sonia Gandhi.  He promised that the Seemandhra region will be turned in to a Singapore if given a chance.

He criticized Sonia Gandhi that she is like an anaconda who made many small anacondas like Botsa Satyanarayana, YS Jangan and others.  He said that he tried his best by going to all the states to get help from all of them.  But his strength was outnumbered and he failed because of it.  He said that he is not fighting for his own sake but for the development of the State.  He is, as per him, worried about the future generation in the state but not for achieving his personal gains.

Chandrababu said in the rally that he will work hard and deliver if his hands are strengthened as he cannot do it alone.  He complained that the State Reorganization bill was passed in the Parliament in an unconstitutional way.

He also revealed his previous plans to join BJP but his withdrawing from it as BJP also played tricks joining hands with Congress party in passing the Bill in a tricky way.