BJP Trying To Rob Chandrababu’s Hard work


Kia Motors Plant is the Single Largest Investment of Andhra Pradesh after the state bifurcation. Chandrababu Naidu brought the project to the Parched region of Rayalaseema to improve the employment opportunities there and ensure all-round development there.

But then, BJP is trying to hijack the investment. BJP Andhra Pradesh Social Media Page has images claiming that the investment has happened due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make In India Initiative.

In the wake of the differences between both the parties, BJP is trying to bulldoze TDP in the state. This unethical claim of BJP has ignited sharp reactions in the social media. The Saffron Party is like claiming credit in every good that has happened to Andhra Pradesh and trying to put every bad that has happened to Chandrababu Naidu’s Credit.