Bulb Invented by Einstein – Pawan Kalyan


Pawan-Kalyan-Bulb-EinstineActor-cum-founder of Jana Sena party Pawan Kalyan has made a major blunder during his recent meeting addressing party workers.
To inspire the attendees on how one should learn from mistakes, Pawan gave the example of the ordeals faced by the inventor of ‘electric bulb’. The example was very apt but Pawan’s mistake was mentioning Einstein as the bulb’s inventor. It is a common knowledge for people having at least minimum education that Thomas Alva Edison was the inventor of electric bulb.

Pawan, who is considered to be a well-learned person owing to his bookish knowledge, wasn’t expected to make this silly mistake. It must have been a slip of tongue but what’s interesting is the people clapping when the actor linked the name of Einstein with Bulb.

The incident has given the detractors and anti-fans of Pawan troll him on social media. Some people even created memes comparing Pawan with the ‘B.Com Physics’ MLA. On the other hand, fans of Pawan defend the actor by sharing a video from the past where Pawan is seen talking about Edison.