Can AP Bring Back Amaravati Glory From British?


amaravatiIn his recent visit to the British Museum in London, the Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh IYR Krishna Rao found out that close to 30, 40 artifacts that were excavated from Amaravati area are on the display. The artifact include stupa, pillar, relics and chakras, all of which glorify the heritage and legacy of Amaravati.

Now, the Andhra Pradesh government is in its efforts to bring back these artifacts from the British Museum and is reportedly in consultation with the union government. The AP government hopes to reinstate the lost glory with the antiques which are predominantly related to Buddhism and Amaravati.

These invaluable relics were shipped to London during the British Raj and they are made of local limestone called Palnadu marble. These antiques are believed to be glimpsing of the three religions that flourished in Amaravati in the ancient times, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Amaravati literally means a city that is eternal and the city was once the epicenter of the Satavahana rulers. With such great history living far away from its birth place, can AP government bring back the glory from the British?