Caste Based Political Supporters Destroying AP Future?


YS-Jagan-and-ChandrababuCaste plays a vital role in the Politics of the country. For that reason, we often see political parties and government dole out sops in the name of castes. But Andhra Pradesh has got a peculiar problem. Party supporters have divided into caste lines and are trying to destroy the future of the state.

Admiring a political party on caste lines is also okay to some extent. Some people go to the extent of damaging the state prospects for their caste and party. We have seen some people torching train demanding reservations to their caste.

And there are some people who write letters to RBI not to allow Loan Waiver, there are some who send emails to American Police to stop CM’s Tour and there are others who write to the World Bank asking to stop funding for Amaravati Construction.

Observing all these cases, it is easy to find out that supporters of a party confine themselves to supporting their leaders/parties in arguments and voting to them in elections. But people who resort to this nonsense are certainly caste based supporters of the parties. This mindset will only kill the state future.