CBN finds New Brand Ambassador for AP


chandrababu-finds-new-ambasAMARAVATI: CM Chandrababu Naidu have the habit of making statements as per the occasion. He now surprised everyone by announcing ‘SUN’ as the brand ambassador of Andhra Pradesh.

Chandrababu Naidu recalled naming AP as a Sunrise State. ‘Sun has got a specific importance in every religion. In Arab Countries, Sun is being worshipped as Shams. Even Christians give importance to the sun. Worshipping Sun will motivate us. Sun is like Justice Chakravarthy�€�doesn’t discriminate at all be it any religion, caste and creed. Sun don’t belong to one single religion. AP has been producing 5,000 MW of solar power,’ he said.

Until now, TDP Leaders kept saying AP doesn’t need any brand ambassador as their party chief Chandrababu Naidu is more than enough to serve the needs. Then, why did Chandrababu felt the need for a brand ambassador all of a sudden?

If CM loves nature so much, Why the greenery in the state kept reducing in the past few years? Better if our Politicos focus on real issues rather than publicity stunts.