Chandrababu enjoying Nandamuri family’s indifferences?


chandra-babu-naiduHyderabad: Telugu desam party was founded by late N.T. Rama Rao. He had created a record by coming to power within nine months after floating the TDP. N.T. Rama Rao has sons and Daughters who are very much familiar with Politics. Balakrishna, Harikrishna, Daggubati Purandeshwari etc are familiar with the Political affairs since a long time.

After the death of NTR who was very famous in Andhra Pradesh state, none of his sons or daughters has used his Popularity to take his Place.

YS Rajasekhar Reddy , though not a founder of Congress party became famous, only after bagging power in the state during 2004 Elections by implementing various Welfare schemes. Soon after the death of YSR, Jagan son of late YSR though not very much familiar with the Political affairs Jumped into Politics and attained the stardom. He used the Popularity of late YSR to be known among the masses.

But the attempt was not made by any of the sons or daughters of Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao. They always have some or the other indifferences among themselves, which is being used by their Brother-in-law Chandrababu with conspiracy.

The kith and kin of TDP’s founder are waiting outside the gate of the Party while the outsiders are enjoying the top posts in the party. Is it not ridiculous. Nandamuri Harikrishna is not even allotted an assembly seat even after requesting, but the candidates who jumped from Congress to TDP and Criminals are being given Tickets.

Chandrababu is now planning to bring his heir as the next generation leader of the TDP, while Junior NTR and others are left behind.

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