Chandrababu Naidu gets Shiv Sena promise on Telangana


chandrababu-naidu-shiv-senaMumbai: TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu has met Shiva Sena chief Uddhav Thakeray and obtained a promise that the Maharashtra party will not support T Bill in Parliament.

Uddhav assured Naidu that his party will not support the T Bill without equitable justice being done to all regions of the state. The two leaders addressed a press conference together after their meeting and took questions freely from the media.

Uddhav lambasted Congress for not being able to bring unity among its leaders before going for  division of the state. The Shiv Sena leader criticized Congress for following the principle of ‘divide and rule’.

The new-found bonhomie between the two parties can be understood from the fact that just as TDP is uncomfortable with division of Andhra Pradesh, Shiv Sena is totally opposed to carving out Vidarbha state from Maharashtra.