Chandrababu to damage TDP?


TDP-ChandrababuHyderabad: TDP Chief Chandrababu had not yet declared the TDP party’s stand on Telangana clearly.

On one hand he is stating that the party is favourable to the Telangana state formation. On the other hand he is proclaiming loudly that he would be meeting the Delhi authorities and seek their intervention regarding the situation in Andhra Pradesh.

He supports Telangana or United Andhra; or both is not yet clear. Telangana TDP leaders requested Babu to halt his Delhi trip. While the Seemandhra TDP leaders are encourage the same.

Chandrababu’s balancing act between two regions will damage the party in the two regions, state the analysts.

If the party supports only Telangana, it will gain good number of MLA and MP seats in the Telangana region in the elections. If United andhra is supported, public support in the seemandhra region can be attained. If both the sentiments are supported, then there is a chance of losing the seats in both the regions, added analysts. As TDP is daring to take such a step, the consequences would be severe say the Political analysts.