Chandrababu tried to lure Ivanka to Amaravati?


Chandrababu-and-IvankaAmaravati: If America’s First Daughter Ivanka Trump had visited Amaravati then the scenario in AP would have been like a festival. CBN’s coterie would be blowing the trumpet of Naidu and Amaravati lured her.

Sadly it did not happen and Ivanka’s Hyderabad visit is turning out to be envious for AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. He was also not invited personally for the Hyderabad Metro and this is tough for the media that blows TDP trumpet. They can’t underplay Ivanka’s presence in Hyderabad nor highlight about absence of CBN at the GES!

Some are of the opinion that the CM who hogs limelight inviting foreign dignitaries to Amaravati may have tried to make Ivanka visit Andhra Pradesh and Amaravati but it didn’t work.