Chandrababu’s corruption revealed by Senior Retired Auditor general


chandrababu-lcorruptHyderabad: Politicians and common man are very frequently responding on the Corruption. CM Kiran recently stated that the Political corruption is no more dangerous when compared to corruption by Officers.

Chandrababu from the beginning stated that he is Mr. clean and had not invovlved in any type of corruption. Responding to the comments by Chandrababu Senior Retired  Auditor general of Pay and Accounts  Department stated that corruption reached its maximum height during the TDP regime of  Chandrababu Naidu.

The following are some of the instances stated by Auditor general

  • Corruption was involved in NDA government’s Road and Rail projects in Hyderabad and other cities of AP state.
  • TDP MPs supporting NDA govt got due contracts and paid  percentage to party (Chandrababu).
  • Chandrababu collected   percentages from the MPs, Ministers, MLAs and other Business men in the name of  party funds.
  •  Chandrababu recieved  ‘cut backis’ from every department and project.
  • TDP Chief  accomodated the contractors by compensating  and hike their rates.