Chinababu Counter Just Like Chandrababu


What is a counter? If someone gives a counter to a statement it should hit the opponent very hard. But it is not possible to give spontaneous counters always. Very few leaders have that presence of mind and spontaneity. We can understand how tough it is for a leader like our Chinababu Lokesh to give spontaneous counters. We can understand if he falters in offline.. but you won’t have such issues online. When others criticise us in the social media like Twitter we will have the time to take our own time to come up with a fitting counter punch.

But the netizens are opining that Chinababu’s recent tweets don’t have the stuff but he is just tweeting for the sake of response. BJP leader GVL Narasimha Rao recently criticised AP Government.. he said that the UCs submitted by AP government to the Centre are correct. Whenever someone is answering to the criticism by a senior leader like GVL Narasimha Rao, he should take some time and have the patience to give proper counter. Just criticising for the sake of criticism will not yield the result.

Lokesh should have mentioned the key points in the UCs submitted by AP government and he should have told that AP govt. has done nothing wrong. By doing so he should have asked him whether he has the knowledge of the UCs or not. This will land GVL in the self-defense mode. But Lokesh questioned him ‘Who is GVL for asking UCs?’ It is a meaningless counter.

He could have told him that ‘If the UC’s are not correct, the respective departments will ask for the clafication.. they will question the AP government on the issue.” But Lokesh is not in a mood to think all this. He just wanted to question the critics like his father Chandrababu. It is to be remembered that Chandrababu questioned Amit Shah that who is he to question AP government and what is his position to involve in the government affairs?

Rather than pointing out the mistake of critics to land them in the defense mode, Lokesh is blindly criticising them for the sake of criticism. He should know that this kind of criticism will not give any result.