Chiranjeevi would have stopped Telangana


chiranjeeviHyderabad: The party that was started with flying colours in 2009 is not in existence for just two years. Millions of fans have got hurt with the moves made by their demi-god, but still they are travelling with him. What if the same Prajarajyam party is present now? Observers say that many unnecessary political repercussions and politicized rumours would be absent.

During the 2009 Chidambaram’s decision of initiating the formation of Telangana state, it is Megastar Chiranjeevi who first openly declared that he is against the move, and all of his Prajarajyam MLAs got readied to resign from their posts. Following the suit, many other parties MLAs have joined the chorus and finally Congress has withdrawn from their December 9th statement. Political observers feel that with Chiru merging his party into Congress saying that social justice is possible only through the National Party, he made a big blunder.

Had Chiru not merged the party, definitely Congress would have expected him as major opposition in Seemandhra, and might not have dared to split the state just before elections for the sake of votes and to win support for Rahul Gandhi’s PM candidature. Also they would have worried about their position in Seemandhra in the future. Now that there is Jagan who anyway will be joining with the ‘hand’ in the coming days, Congress high-command is not all worried about their Seemandhra base.

Another interesting part is the present speculation about Pawan Kalyan’s political entry. Without any second thoughts, if Pawan is really contemplating to join politics and serve people, then he would have continued with full time presence in Prajarajyam Party only. But now with no own party, here and now they rumour that the powerful hero will join some cycle or another lotus. Definitely the uncertainty in the state, especially in Seemandhra region, Prajarajyam’s presence might have fetched Chiru and Pawan, to achieve their ideology.