Chiranjeevi working for Family not for People?


chiranjeeviHyderabad: The news related to the actor Ramcharan’s road side Brawl made a sensation for two or three days in the Media channels and again no Updates later.

About 34 crores of black money was seized in CBI raids on Chiranjeevi daughter’s residence. The news made sensation in Paper and Electronic media for 2 days and no updates later.

The critics state that the Union Minister Chiranjeevi might have used his influence to dismiss the cases against his actor son and Daughter.

Union Minister Chiranjeevi is using all his power and influence to dismiss the cases against his son and daughter. But he is not resigning for the Seemandhra people to make the protest intensified for the sake of Samaikyandhra, state the Seemandhra activists.

Chiranjeevi is more concerned for his family members but not for the People of his constituency, state the analysts.