Chiranjeevi’s Political career is a Debacle


chiranjeeviNew Delhi: Some big media houses are losing their credibility with faulty ground reports, rumours and unconfirmed attacks. Recently a top national level channel took it to their website to attack Megastar Chiranjeevi.

In fact, India’s one of the top media houses claimed that Megastar Chirajneevi became a big zero ever since he entered politics. The media house claimed on their website that his decline started since the debacle of Prajarajyam party in 2009 polls. Also the article stressed that Chiru’s big inability is losing polls and not realizing his dream of Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh come true. Commenting on merger of PRP into Congress, the analyst mentioned that Chiru did it for a single Rajysabha seat for himself. Also they wrote that no one believes that Megastar hasn’t sold any MP or MLA ticket during 2009 polls. But the biggest of this scathing attack took to new level with comments on Chiru’s film image.

‘Chiru lost his film image too with these debacles, and no visitor is queuing in front of his house like they have done earlier. Even if Chiru walks on road now, no one cares for him’, the article said. It also added that fan clubs of Chiranjeevi are getting shut down in all regions of Andhra Pradesh. Well, these last lines are no doubt joke of the millennium.

The other day more than three thousand people of flood hit Yalamanchali village have took up  a protest for Chiru not visiting their region. Though everyone knows that nothing will happen to poor lives even if Chiru visits them, it is their profound love that makes them wait eagerly for him and also demand his coming. Is this not enough to judge the undying craze of Chiranjeevi? Talking about his political foray, future and mistakes, even legends are not always successful.