Chiranjeevi’s Role in Parliament


chiranjeevi in parliamentUnion Tourism Minister K. Chiranjeevi who said that he had no intention of resigning at the moment joined in to stop the Telangana Bill from being passed in the upper House of the Parliament in New Delhi on Thursday.

Chiranjeevi has been in a standing position since yesterday. He’s been protesting standing at his place. He neither went to the Speaker’s podium nor was he seen raising slogans. He’s only showing is anger by standing at his place.

Meanwhile, Telangana TDP leader Gundu Sudharani, who’s demanding that Telangana Bill be introduced in the Rajya Sabha, raised slogans holding placards.

Meanwhile, KVP Ramchandra Rao is protesting in his usual style holding a large placard at the Deputy Charman’s podium. TDP MPs CM Ramesh and Sujana Chowdary are standing beside KVP trying to stall the proceedings of the House. The Bill is expected to be introduced in the Rajya Sabha around 3 pm today.