Chiru Vs Pawan: Which Way Will Kapus Go?


Is the BJP trying to unveil one card after another in AP politics? Is it trying to put Chandrababu on the mat with one trick after another? It appears to be so! After weaning away Pawan Kalyan from the TDP fold and afte appointing Kapu strongman Kanna Lakshminarayana as the party state chief, the BJP is now unveiling another strategy!!

It wants to rope in Mega Star Chiranjeevi. Ahead of 2019 elections, It wants Chiru to join the BJP an campaign for it. This could lure the Kapu voters and weaken the TDP. Sources say Amit Shah himself has entered the fray to lure Chiru. Mega Star Chiranjeevi, whose Rajya Sabha term has just expired, is keeping aloof from the Congress Party. Of late, his focus is on the films. His Khaidi No 150 has been declared a hit and his next flick ‘Sye Raa’ will soon begin the shoot. If Chiru joins the BJP, the politics will take an interesting turn. What will be Chandrababu’s strategy to counter the BJP? Which way will the Kapus go? Will they go with Chiru or Pawan Kalyan of Jana Sena. Also, which way will the Mega family go? Will they back Chiru or Pawan?