CM Kiran and Rajya Sabha MPs should also be expelled: BJP


cm-kiran-seemandhra-MPsNew Delhi: Reacting to the expulsion of six Congress MPs’ from the Lok Sabha by the party for protesting against the Telangana Bill in Parliament, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesman Prakash Javadekar said the Congress should also expel its Rajya Sabha MPs’ and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy.

“They should have done this earlier. Today, their MPs’ brought banners in the parliament. Their chief minister stages an agitation in the state, and still, they haven’t taken any action on him. They should expel their CM and the Rajya Sabha MPs’ who are also creating ruckus. Then only the people will believe that the Congress is sincere regarding the Telangana issue,” said Javadekar.

“They don’t know where the Bill should be introduced. They are confused that whether the Bill should be introduced in the Lok Sabha or the Rajya Sabha. They haven’t done their homework. They have shown insincerity towards the Telangana issue and that’s why such a situation has arisen,” he added.

Earlier today, the Congress expelled its six MPs’ Lok Sabha, belonging to the Andhra Pradesh, from Lok Sabha for creating ruckus in the Parliament and for protesting against the Telangana Bill. The MPs’ were Sabbam Hari,GV Harsha Kumar, V Arun Kumar, L Rajagopal, R Sambasiva Rao and A Sai Pratap.