CM Kiran to be replaced with Purandareswari


cm-kiran-and-purandeshwariNew Delhi: How to get the situation under control in Seemandhra such that bifurcation process could be smoothly completed? The other day CM Kiran has directly written to President about the situation in state, and that created huge tensions in Congress camp that Telangana is not possible until a supporting CM holds the place. So, who is the best option in hand for Sonia rather going with already popular names in media? She did it in the same way during appointing Kiran too.

Reports from Delhi indicate that high-command is pondering over the idea of replacing incumbent Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy with Union Minister Purandareswari. In fact, this is a ploy to lure the dissent Kamma community leaders in Congress party, who could neither join TDP nor sail with Jagan. Already Kapu community is brought under control by keying Chiranjeevi, and Sonia’s next target will be Kamma community only. With key MPs like Lagadapati and Rayapati unhappy with party’s stand, there will be heavy migration if at all some big-wig changes gears. To avoid any such exodus, Sonia is said to be looking for a Kamma community CM to replace Kiran as last person to sit in that chair in united Andhra Pradesh. The big name that is flickering on their minds is Purandareswari because she is always loyal to high-command and is also now busy selling ‘package dreams’ to Seemandhra rather talking about ‘united Andhra Pradesh’.

However, Congress consists of huge number of MLAs from Reddy community at the moment and any sort of indifference to them might spark some unwanted migrations into YSR Congress. Also, removing Kiran will incur the wrath of Seemandhra people and employees may never vote for Congress as the party’s bifurcation-deal will be clear with that move. So, Kiran should resign himself to allow someone to take the chair, which looks most unlikely. Let us see what game Congress will play!