Complacency Can Kill – TDP Needs to Wake Up!


Chandrababu-NaiduComplacency is harmful in every way. In Politics, it is even dangerous. Chandrababu Naidu who has a political experience of 40 Years will know it very well but then TDP seems to be growing complacent knowingly or unknowingly.

The Best Example is the Online Mafia unleashed by YSR Congress on it. It is evident that the same team of Prashant Kishor which worked for the Congress Party in Punjab is at work against TDP. The Social Media accounts created on North Indian Names have Punjab election tweets and now anti-TDP tweets to help YSR Congress.

TDP Fans are waging an Online Battle to counter the Propaganda after YSR Congress’ Paid Campaign is caught red-handed. But then, not a single TDP leader has responded on the issue even though it is very easy to corner the Opposition Party and expose Prashant Kishor Team’s Cheap Tactics.

Looks like TDP Leaders have grown complacent being in Power. Even its supporters feel the same after seeing this issue. Andhrajyothy today carried this issue as its front page item today. It has to be seen if TDP Leaders take up the issue at least now.