Congress High Command’s Master plan behind declaring Telangana


congress-high-commandHyderabad: YSR Congress party in the Seemandhra region, TRS party in the Telangana region and TDP in both Seemandhra and Telangana region are considered to be rivals to the Congress party in the forthcoming Elections 2014.

As these parties had a substantial Public support which help them in bagging maximum number of MLA and MP seats in the Upcomung elections, the Congress High command is planning to tarnish the image of these parties using the Telangana issue, say the Political analysts.

The Congress high command seeks to gain the Public support in the Seemandhra and Telangana regions through the Telangana issue.

On the other hand, the congress High command is moving towards the Goal of making Rahul Gandhi as the next PM of India.

The Political Analysts state the following–

“The Telangana state would be formed only after the Process of smaller states formation becomes complete. The road map for Telangana seems tough as the decision has to be approved at various stages. The Congress Party by declaring the Telangana in the CWC meeting had gained the favor of the Telangana people . Hence the party would gain substantial seats in the Telangana region.

At the same time, if the Telangana Bill is not passed( at any stage), then the formation of Telangana is not Possible. Thereby the state will be United. Thus the party gains the support in the Seemandhra region.

The Telangana issue is used by Sonia Gandhi to Check various Political Parties and persons thereby indirectly.

The state will be United but the Congress gains favor of Telangana because of declaring the Telangana in the CWC meeting. The people of two regions are satisfied. “