Congress Ministers fear Sonia Gandhi


sonia-fearHyderabad: The above statement seems true. On one side, the Seemandhra JAC leaders and various organisations are taking part in the protest against the Congress High command’s resoltion on Telangana. On the other side, the pulic representatives( MLA’s MP’s, State and Central Ministers) are in a dilemma whether to resign to their posts and take part in the protest or not?. Some of them resigned while many of them had not. Those political leaders are stating reasons like

  • Resignations are not the Solution to the problem
  • We are meeting congress High command and making some negotiations.
  • If we continue as MP or MLA we have a chance to make our voice heard in Assembly and Parliament etc.

Though these leaders state various leaders, the primary reason is the fear of Sonia Gandhi , state the Seemandhra JAC activists.

These Political leaders who are not extending their support to the Samaikyandhra movement, are more concerned of their political posts which are granted to them by the Blessings of Sonia Gandhi. So, they feel that they are more answerable to Sonia Gandhi than to the Public who voted for them, add the activists. They are fearful of Sonia Gandhi that she would tarnish their political future if they oppose her decision on Telangana. Hence maintaining silence over their Resignations, state the Samaikyandhra activists.

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