Congress will win 16 MP, 80 MLA seats in Telangana: D Srinivas


congress-in-telanganaHyderabad: Former PCC President D Srinivas today said that the Congress will win majority seats in Telangana in the  forthcoming general elections in Telangana.Speaking to press persons at MLA quarters here,  Srinivas claimed  that the Congress is sure to   win 16 of the  17 MP seats,  and 80 out of 119 MLA seats in Telangana.

Keeping in view the determination of Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi, due to which the  Telangana state is becoming reality, the TJAC  has to take a wise decision,  he said. He said that the congress is least bothered about  merger of TRS into its fold. Srinivas stated that they  will consider giving tickets to eligible leaders from the TJAC besides doing  the same to those families of Martyrs of Telangana. He said that since division is over and the process is nearing completion,  the leadership has to shift its focus on winning the elections.

Since the Centre has announced  the Appointed Day as June 2 and the Gazette notification  for Telangana statehood is out,  there is no problem for setting up two PCCs. Two Pradesh Congress Committees will be set up for Telangana and residuary state of Andhra Pradesh, respectively, he stated. The Congress will fight the elections with two election manifestos,  he said. ‘We will abide by any decision of the congress high command as disciplined soldiers’ Srinivas said adding that he is ready to take any responsibility given by the party leadership.

The senior congress leader said that they  have no objection to residuary state  seeking  whatever they want for the  new capital and its development,  but not at the cost of Telagnana. ‘We want our own development and Telangana will seek its rightful share’. It is wrong to compare Sonia with Queen Elizabeth, he added.