Cops treated Sampoo worse than a Terrorist


Tammareddy-BharadwajTammareddy Bharadwaj felt happy to be in Vizag on January 26th. At the same time, He condemned the restrictions imposed by police department to stop the Silent Protest at RK Beach. ‘The situation is much worse than 144 Section. There were hardly any cars on the roads beach road was blocked completely and arrests were made. It’s unfair to deal a peaceful protest organized by Youth for the welfare of Andhrites in such a manner,’ he said.

On Sampoornesh Babu’s Arrest: ‘Sampoornesh Babu, Myself and Chalasani Srinivas were able to go to RK Beach. When Cops asked us to leave, We respected their word but media asked our response while we are returning back. Sampoornesh was arrested when he was speaking to media. He was shifted to 3-Town Police Station, then they said he would be taken to Bhimili but finally too him to Padmanabhapuram and release at around 7.30 PM. What is the need to treat him like a criminal much dangerous than terrorist or smuggler? Cops could have left him in airport itself, so that he could catch the flight to Hyderabad. While Criminals enjoy VIP treatment in jails, Sampoo wasn’t even allowed to make a phone call. I don’t think there is such necessity. Despite being a man from neighboring state, He has come to Vizag to support the movement of Andhrites’.

The Veteran found fault with Chandrababu Naidu for taking a U-Turn on Special Status. He advised AP CM to hold discussions with Chalasani Srinivas, Jayaprakash Narayana and Former Chief Secretary Madhav Rao regarding Special Status. He also wants Chandrababu to call for an All-Party Meeting to address the issue.