Dalit Damodar Raja Narasimha Next CM?


Damodar-Raja-NarasimhaIf  anynone is responsible  for getting  Telangana , it is not KCR or Jana Reddy or  for that matter  even  Digvijay Singh . Deputy CM C Damodar Raja Narasimha was the one who  should be  credited for convincing  Congress President Sonia Gandhi  to push party and  the UPA for  Telangana decision . He has been the invisible force  which exposed the designs o TDP and TRS  and motivated  the congress leadership  to take a fast drive for Telangana instead of supporting the TRS or depending on ‘TDP to foil it .

Damoradam  is credited to have pitched for the separate state as against the powerful arguments in favour of the united AP put forth by CM Kiran Reddy and PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana. While CM’s attractive financial package for T and a roadmap to keep state united appeared to have almost convinced party leaders, it was the Damodar’s 11-page report that is believed to have convinced Sonia to take a decision in favour of Telangana.

If you  ask how  ,here is the time line  of Damodaram’s  T approach –the dalit approach  that appealed to high command .Though  CM Kiran  is wrongly  credited  for  SC/ST sub plan, it is  common  knowledge that  the Deputy CM and his  group of intellectuals  including  Prof Kancha Illaiah were the key artists behind the  concept  and its final approval by the Centre etc.  So now the Deputy CM is the hot favourite to become next  CM  of  Telangana as well.

Damodaram has been   the thorn in the dream mission of Kiran but  party high command sabotaged it successfully and gave him a coveted place in the hierarchy and also an invitation to Core committee and CWC on Telengana issue.

It  appears Sonia apprehended Kiran’s hostile attitude towards Telangana and hence had made room for Damdaram . On  suggestion fron for PCC chief  D Srinivas who  is close to Sonia and Azad he had brought  Deputy CM  out of his shell and presented  him as an formidable alternative to K Jana  Reddy  or  Jaipal Reddy  as  next CM material  to spearhead  both Telangana or even liquidation of  united AP So  “Congress has once  outsmarted  TRS  in promoting  a dalit  as future CM  of  Telengana  while  TRS  chief made  empty  promises  in past to  make a dalit CM for maiden Telangana.