Who Dared To Call Babu ‘Political Broker’?


TDP is now facing the repercussions of the rude remarks made by it’s MLC Babu Rajendra Prasad against Telugu Film Industry.

Posani: ‘Should Film Celebs believe Political Brokers like Rajendra Prasad blindly and jump into the movement? On which issue did Chandrababu remained firm to walk behind him? Jagan floated party, toured all over the state and ensured his party won good number of MLA Seats in 2014. 23 out of 67 MLAs were lured with cash bags by Chandrababu. Paving red carpet for MLAs who won on ticket offered by Opposition Party and offering them Cabinet Posts without making them submit resignations…Why can’t Chandrababu be addressed as Political Broker if he does these things? Should Film Celebs turn brokers taking inspiration from them?’.

When quizzed about corruption allegations on Jagan, Posani shot back: ‘Chandrababu alleges Jagan is corrupt. Why can’t he see the corruption of Sujana Chowdary? Eenadu published a front page article about how he cheated banks. Why did Babu offer him Rajya Sabha and lobbied with Centre for his Union Ministry?’.

On the tall claim of TDP Leaders ‘CM Slept in a Bus’, Posani questioned: ‘Did any MLA or MP or Minister slept in the bus? The person who claims to have slept in bus is using special flight for his trips. What is the need for it if he is so simple and worried about financial crisis?’.