Demand for Telangana with Kurnool and Anantapuram included


rayal-telanganaHyderabad: Anantapuram and Kurnool Districts Parirakshana Samiti has demanded that both the districts should be included in the proposed Telangana State.

The Samiti organised a meeting in a private college with the leaders of all political parties.

Congress leader Kalkura Chandrasekhar, TDP leader Tirupalu, BJP leader Narasimha Varma, CPI leader  Ramanjaneyulu Samiti president Srinivas Yadav and leaders of Lok Satta Party were present.

Srinivas Yadav said that both the districts were the most backward in the State and they remained backward due to the shifting of State capital to Hyderabad when the state was formed.

He said that they had sacrificed the capital for Hyderabad 58 years ago and now do we need to make rounds if the capital was established at Vijayawada.

Both the districts were physically and psychologically linked with Hyderabad and the youth go to only Hyderabad for employment or education, he said and appealed to the Centre not to separate them with Hyderabad.

Congress leader Chandrasekhar said that it was not agreeable to divide the four districts of Rayalaseema. They should remain intact forever, he demanded.

TDP leader Tirupalu alleged that the Congress was dividing the state to get political mileage. He demanded the Central Government to spell out the development measures that it would undertake for the development of Seema districts.

CPI leader Ramanjaneyulu said that since formation of Andhra Pradesh only Hyderabad was developed doing great injustice to the rest of the State. Demanding justice to the backward districts of Seema he wanted the Government to spell out the solutions for the development of the districts. He said that if the division of the State was inevitable, Rayala Telangana should be formed by clubbing Seema districts with Telangana. Otherwise, at least two districts of Kurnool and Anantapuram districts should be clubbed with Telangana.

The leaders of almost all the parties talked about the backwardness of the Seema districts and the direction to be taken for their development.