Floating a new party isn’t an easy affair: Dokka Manikya Varaprasad


Dokka-Manikya-VaraprasadHyderabad: The minister in the state cabinet Dokka Manikya Varaprasad on Saturday said that Kiran Kumar Reddy, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh will not float a new party rather he will hold a press conference.

Dokka said floating a new party was not an easy affair like holding a press conference. He said both he and Kiran Kumar are only constituency level leaders. Nevertheless, considering their abilities only, they were offered minister and Chief Minister Posts, respectively, added Dokka.

Dokka said the Chief Minister was a hard core Congress man. Further, he said even after Kiran Kumar Reddy signing with his either hands, for all 24 hours, the welfare schemes are not reaching the people.