Focus On Issue Not TRPs: Pawan Kalyan Reacts On Sri Reddy Issue


Pawan Kalyan responded seriously on the rapes happening in the country and the inaction by the Governments. While responding on the Kathua and Unnao rape cases, He opined: ‘If Ruling Party Leaders shield Rape Accused based on caste and religion, It’s like they are doing severe injustice to the victims. If those Leaders who claim to be following the ideologies of Ambedkar stand by the culprits, Then it’s like they are against the Constitution of India. At least now, Centre and all the State Governments need to condemn and bring strong laws. If harassment against women don’t stop at the eve-teasing stage itself, Then it would lead to horrific crimes. Whenever I had come across such incidents during shoots, I had fought against the men who harassed women. If rulers doesn’t address the issue and cops don’t arrive on time, We would be left with no option but to take the law into our hands. Shielding the culprits is nothing but doing injustice to the Nation. It’s an attack against humanity,’ he said.

When his opinion was sought on the Sri Reddy issue, Jana Sena Chief replied: ‘If injustice happened to anybody, There will be no use of approaching TV Channels…Instead, They should approach police and courts for justice. Better avoid sensationalism! Media shouldn’t focus only on the TRPs…Fourth Estate should back the victims who come forward to lodge a complaint. Or else, There is a threat of this issue becoming a mere talk show’.

Jana Sena Supremo made a valid point here. What will be the use of prime time debates on daily basis? Let the media take the initiative to make Victims file cases and fight for stronger laws if justice is denied.